Celestial Might

Archero Item Celestial Might Celestial Might
A divine weapon graced by the heavens. Imbued with unfathomable celestial power after being gifted to myriad gods.
Hidden Stats [Epic] +11% Crit Damage per hit (up to 44%). Resets every room [Epic] (to test) +?% Crit Rate. Resets every room
Archero Celestial Might base rarity iconHas hammer and lightning forms: Hammer form can perform Thunderthrow and Stormsmash. Lightning form attacks as Boltspear
Attack +[x]
Attack +12%
Archero Celestial Might epic rarity icon[Epic] Hammer attacks store Thundering Glory. Can turn hammer into lightning form
[Epic] Chain Lightning and Boltspear can increase Momentum. Hammer attacks consume Momentum for higher damage
[Epic] The more enemies hit, the higher the Crit Rate. Resets after every room
Archero Celestial Might perfect_epic rarity icon[Perfect Epic] Ranged skills/weapon projectile damage increase with projectile speed boosts
Archero Celestial Might legendary rarity icon[Legendary] Consecutive hammer hits gradually increase Stormsmash damage
Archero Celestial Might ancient_legendary rarity icon[Ancient Legendary] Boltspear can trigger Holy Touch. Max Thundering Glory +20%. Chain Lightning splits +1
Archero Celestial Might mythic rarity icon[Mythic] Attack increased after taking damage
Archero Celestial Might mythic+1 rarity icon[Mythic +1] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Celestial Might mythic+2 rarity icon[Mythic +2] Epic Skill Effect Upgraded (The more enemies hit, the higher the Crit Rate and Chain Lightning damage. Resets after each room)
Archero Celestial Might titan_tales rarity icon[Titan Tales] Weapon damage : +15%
Archero Celestial Might titan_tales+1 rarity icon[Titan Tales +1] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Celestial Might titan_tales+2 rarity icon[Titan Tales +2] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Celestial Might titan_tales+3 rarity icon[Titan Tales +3] Consecutive Boltspear hits on enemies gradually increases all their damage taken. Projectile speed increases with Lightning stat boosts
Archero Celestial Might chaos rarity icon[Chaos] Lost HP is converted into Attack Speed. When total HP lost exceeds Max HP, revival skill rates are additionally increased
Archero Item Celestial Might