Saw Blade

Archero Item Saw Blade Saw Blade
A serrated throwing knife from the mysterious Orient.
Hidden Stats Damage Multiplier x0.8 Base Attack Speed x2.6
Archero Saw Blade common rarity iconLow Attack with high speed
Attack +[x]
Archero Saw Blade rare rarity icon[Rare] Attack +5%
Archero Saw Blade epic rarity icon[Epic] Increases your Attack Speed for 3 sec after entering a room
Archero Saw Blade legendary rarity icon[Legendary] Reduces Elemental Resistance after hitting an enemy. Can be stacked
Archero Saw Blade mythic rarity icon[Mythic] Hitting enemies has a chance to increase Dodge and Attack (Stackable)
Archero Saw Blade mythic+1 rarity icon[Mythic+1] Weapon Basic Stats +5%
Archero Saw Blade mythic+2 rarity icon[Mythic+2] Epic Skill Effect Upgraded (3s → 5s)
Archero Saw Blade titan_tales rarity icon[Titan Tales] Weapon damage : +8%
Archero Saw Blade titan_tales+1 rarity icon[Titan Tales+1] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Saw Blade titan_tales+2 rarity icon[Titan Tales+2] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Saw Blade titan_tales+3 rarity icon[Titan Tales+3] Mythic Skill Effect Upgraded
Archero Saw Blade chaos rarity icon[Chaos] After hitting enemy, there is a chance to increase the damage of bullet (stackable)
Archero Item Saw Blade