Brave Bow

Archero Item Brave Bow Brave Bow
Only the worthly can use this bow, with balanced performance.
Hidden Stats Damage Multiplier x1 Base Attack Speed x1.73
Archero Brave Bow common rarity iconA well-balanced weapon
Attack +[x]
Archero Brave Bow rare rarity icon[Rare] Attack +5%
Archero Brave Bow epic rarity icon[Epic] Crit Damage +50%
Archero Brave Bow legendary rarity icon[Legendary] When HP is lower, next attack has a chance to fire consecutive shots after moving for a short distance.
Archero Brave Bow mythic rarity icon[Mythic] Attack increased temporarily after moving
Archero Brave Bow mythic+1 rarity icon[Mythic+1] Weapon Basic Stats +5%
Archero Brave Bow mythic+2 rarity icon[Mythic+2] Epic Skill Effect Upgraded (50% → 75%)
Archero Brave Bow titan_tales rarity icon[Titan Tales] Weapon damage : +8%
Archero Brave Bow titan_tales+1 rarity icon[Titan Tales+1] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Brave Bow titan_tales+2 rarity icon[Titan Tales+2] Weapon Basic Stats +10%
Archero Brave Bow titan_tales+3 rarity icon[Titan Tales+3] Mythic Skill Effect Upgraded
Archero Brave Bow chaos rarity icon[Chaos] Increases Critic chance by +5%. Increase attack speed upon critical hit
Archero Item Brave Bow