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Archero Hero Sylvan Sylvan
An elf prince, master of the elements and loves nature.
• Base Attack: 160 [+12]
• Base Hp: 600 [+45]

• Lv 20 : Max HP +200 All Heroes
• Lv 40 : Damage to Ranged Units +20%
• Lv 60 : Attack +5% All Heroes
• Lv 80 : Max HP +6%
• Lv 120 : Damage to Ranged Units +9% All Heroes

$18.99 USD or 30 Sylvan Shards

Skill Details:
Every time an enemy is attacked, a random effect from fire, toxic, bolt or ice is used.

When attacking, there's a chance to trigger a random powerful elemental attack.
Sylvan's active skill
Star Boost
Patrol Locket Scroll Earnings +[x]%

Damage to Ranged Units +75 All Heroes

Elemental - Damage: Elemental damage increased

Trait - Pride: When HP is higher than 75%, get extra attack speed

Spirit - Upgrade: Enemy gets a second Elemental attack

Elemental - Critical Strike: Elemental damage has a chance to deal crit attack

Damage to Ground Units +400 All Heroes

Elemental Damage +30% All Heroes

Assist Brave
Needs to evolve assist bravery level
Sylvan's base Attack +5%
Damage to Ranged Units +240 All Heroes
Increased attack after looting a Red Heart. Lasts 3 rooms
Elemental Damage +10% Assist Effect
Max HP +5% All Heroes
Sylvan's base HP +10%
Elemental Damage +18% Assist Effect
Gain increased Element damage when attacked by enemies
Can deploy at any time to assist in Battle Assist Effect
Weapon Damage +7%
Elemental Damage +25% All Heroes
Available assist heroes:
Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan Hero Assist for Sylvan
Archero Sylvan's Elegant Prince skin thumbnail

Elegant Prince

• When stationary, attack is increased by 4% [Lvl 50]: Attack +120 All Heroes • Price: 95

Archero Sylvan's Sweet Proposal skin thumbnail

Sweet Proposal

• When getting Skills, there's a higher chance to get an Elemental skill [Lvl 50]: Attack +120 All Heroes • Leaderboard Top 3 Rewards (only during the 1st Season)

Archero Sylvan's Commander skin thumbnail


• Gain elemental damage resistance. Boost summoned creatures' random elemental damage. [Lvl50] Max HP +350 All Heroes • Leaderboard Top 20 Rewards (Exclusive)

Archero Sylvan's Vampire Count skin thumbnail

Vampire Count

• Killing enemies restores a little HP. Killing bosses restores more HP. [Lvl 50] Max HP +350 All Heroes • Price: 250