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Archero Hero Shade Shade
Killer of shadows, queen of the night, she can switch between her real and shadow self in battle.
• Base Attack: 170 [+13]
• Base Hp: 550 [+40]

• Lv 20 : Damage to Ground Units +100 All Heroes
• Lv 40 : Crit Chance +5%
• Lv 60 : Max HP +5% All Heroes
• Lv 80 : Attack Speed +5%
• Lv 120 : Crit Damage +10% All Heroes

$18.99 USD or 30 Shade Shards

You can enjoy different effects with real and shadow forms, which switch automatically during battle.
Skill Details:
Real Self: Attacks have strong dark powers, and deal continued damage.
Shadow Self: Increased attack, attack speed and dodge rate.

Additional Skill Notes:
• Switches between her 2 forms every 4 seconds.
• Normal form: 135% Damage on hit, 30% damage for 2 ticks, and 135% Dark Touch Explosion.
• Shadow form: 75% Attack, 15% Attack Speed, ~15% Dodge Chance.

Shade's active skill
Star Boost
Patrol Sapphire Earnings +[x]%

Crit Chance +2% All Heroes

Twin Shadows - Cold Blood: Chance for Dark stats increased

Trait - Calm: HP max limit is increased with each kill

Spirit - Upgrade: When switching forms, Spirit gets a new combat power

Twin Shadows - Cruel: Increases crit attack when in Dark form

Attack +300 All Heroes

Attack +8% All Heroes

Assist Brave
Needs to evolve assist bravery level
Shade's base Attack +5%
Damage to Melee Units +240 All Heroes
Attack increased for short time when enemies are killed by Dark damage
Dark touch Damage +10% Assist Effect
Damage to heroes +8% All Heroes
Shade's base HP +10%
HP Converted to MP +15% Assist Effect
Shadow forms ignore traps
Can deploy at any time to assist in Battle Assist Effect
Weapon Damage +7%
Attack +8% All Heroes
Available assist heroes:
Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade Hero Assist for Shade
Archero Shade's Legendary Assassin skin thumbnail

Legendary Assassin

• In shadow form, collision damage is reduced by 5% [Lvl 50]: Attack +120 All Heroes • Price: 95

Archero Shade's Crimson Blade skin thumbnail

Crimson Blade

• Lower the HP, faster the movement speed [Lvl 50]: Attack +120 All Heroes • 3000 Honor Points in Honor Shop (for 7d unlock and infinite Attack Boost)

Archero Shade's Diver Pro skin thumbnail

Diver Pro

• During Shadow form, dodge rate increased 8% [Lvl 50]: Attack +120 All Heroes • Price: 100