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Archero Hero Ayana Ayana
Hailing from a magical city, a witch with powerful magic!
• Base Attack: 160 [+11]
• Base Hp: 550 [+42]

• Lv 20 : Damage to Airborne Units +80 All Heroes
• Lv 40 : Damage to Ranged Units +15%
• Lv 60 : Attack +4% All Heroes
• Lv 80 : Dodge +10%
• Lv 120 : Damage to Ranged Units +9% All Heroes

2500 or 30 Ayana Shards

Attacks can charm the enemy, with a chance to summon a portal
Skill Details:
Charm: Charmed enemies will receive additional damage with reduced movement speed and loss of health.

Additional Skill Notes:
• Applies a 'Charm' when targetting an enemy every 10 seconds, or applies it instantly when attacking an enemy.
• Deals 48% of non-modifiable base damage (includes rune ATK% boosts) for 2 ticks.
• The damage ticked increases by 0.4% of your base damage each time you level up, maximum of 49.6%.
• Creates a portal that lasts 5 seconds at a time until used.

Ayana's active skill
Star Boost
Patrol Locket Scroll Earnings +[x]%

Crit Damage +15% All Heroes

Witchcraft - Dodger: After leaving the portal, dodge rate increased by 75% for a while

Trait - Elegance: After using the portal, enemies around the portal will be Charmed

Spirit - Upgrade: Damage towards furthest enemies is increased

Witchcraft - Charm: Strengthen Charmed effect

Attack +250 All Heroes

Damage to Bosses +7% All Heroes

Assist Brave
Needs to evolve assist bravery level
Ayana's base Attack +5%
Damage to ground Units +200 All Heroes
Increased Movement Speed after being teleported
Attack +10% being teleported Assist Effect
Deals Damage to elite enemies +5% All Heroes
Ayana's base HP +10%
Increased damage to slowed enemies Assist Effect
Control Effect Duration +30%
Can deploy at any time to assist in Battle Assist Effect
Weapon Damage +7%
Damage to mobs +8% All Heroes
Available assist heroes:
Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana Hero Assist for Ayana
Archero Ayana's Little Witch skin thumbnail

Little Witch

• After being transported, collision damage is reduced by 25% within 3s [Lvl 30]: Attack +60 All Heroes • Price: 145

Archero Ayana's Beach Dance skin thumbnail

Beach Dance

• After each Charm, a small puddle is left which reduces enemy speed [Lvl 30]: Attack +60 All Heroes • Price: 100

Archero Ayana's Enchantress skin thumbnail


• Continuously charms nearby enemies. [Lvl 50] Attack +110 All Heroes • Obtained from Valentine's Day limited-time event. Price: cannot be purchased at the moment.