Archero Calculation


Theorycrafting is the process of using math and logic to determine the best possible outcome for a given situation. In Archero, this is usually done by calculating the damage output of a weapon or ability.

There are several resistance type :

  • All resistance (aka Damage resistance)
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Trap Resistance
  • Stand still Resistance (stationary)
  • Collision / Projectile Resistance
  • Front / Rear Resistance

How does it work ?

2 of the same Resistance boost are additive:

Example: if you have 5% of elemental resistance and 7% of elemental resistance the formula will be 5% + 7% = 12%


2 different Resistance boost are multiplicative

Example: if you have 10% of all damage and 15% of elemental damage 10% * 15% = 23.5%

Enemy attacks can be Projectile or Collision.

Collision is exclusively when enemy touches you with his body (hitbox), every other hit are Projectile.

Also some enemy doesn't have collision damage so they won't deal collision damage (like Long Dragon mob, Tentacles boss, Towers etc...)

Stationary resistance is triggered when you don't move, it doesn't matter if it's a monster attack, tick of damage, elemental damage etc...

Shout-out to @Chaos on discord for the explanation.

Critic Rate / Chance :

  • Base Critical rate is 15%
  • Critical Rate are additional too : you have 15% at base, if you have Crit Master skill you will have 25% critical hit rate (15% + 10%)

Critic Damage :

  • Base Critic damage is 200%
  • Critic Damage are additional : if you have Crit Master skill you will have 240% critical damage (200% + 40%)

Hidden Stats

Vocabulary :

  • Enemy: Refers to any mobs and bosses.

Enumerate Enemy Types

  • Mob / Boss
  • Normal / Elite
  • Airborne / Ground
  • Melee / Range
  • Humanoid
  • Beast
  • Undead

Sometimes, you might notice "Hero Damage," but remember, this doesn't affect enemies; it's about the damage heroes deal in PvP.

How does it work ?

Each enemy has at least two types:

  • Mob or Boss
  • Normal or Elite

An enemy can have different types based on whether it's normal or elite.

Also, an enemy can be both Airborne and Ground.

For example, Archer Skeleton mobs have these types:

  • in normal => ground, range, humanoid
  • in elite => ground, airborne, range, humanoid


The formula for enemy types is a bit similar to the resistance formula.

Two of the same Damage type boost are additive:

Example: For example, if you have a 15% ground damage boost and a 7% ground damage boost, you get a total boost of 22%.


Now for 2 different types, i am currently investigating, since it's related to the Damage formula. If you think you already know the updated formula please contact me.

Dodge Calculation

Dodge is multiplicative, not additive, thus making it impossible to reach 100% Dodge chance/rate.

The actual formula is : 1 - ((1-n%) * (1-n%) * (1-n%))

While most of the player were thinking it was a basic addition like n1 + n2 + n3

So in the following graph, i tested the calculation with multiple dodge boosts: