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Archero 5.0 Assist Brave
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List of all Hero's Assist brave boost for Update 5.0 ⬇️
Archero Relics 4.14
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Relic Name,Base Effect,Advanced Effect, Exclusive effect for all Relics ⬇️
Archero Stats Calculator 5.0 (by Pelmens)
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Archero Stats Calculator, you can export the data of your profile to this google sheet. Make a copy of this file and then you can add all your values. I you have found some ...
Archero Medals (by KeithShade)
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-List of the Medals of 4.8 update -Medal name -Trigger -Rarity -Enhancement
Archero Hatchery 4.14.0 (LanderZ, mrb, Shusaku, Abstrusity, LuhCaran)
Archero Hatchery 4.14.0 (LanderZ, mrb, Shusaku, Abstrusity, LuhCaran)'s thumbnail
-List of available Monsters -Numbers of kills required to hatch or complete quests -Completed quest dialogue -Automated hatch timers -Where to find each Monster and which locations are recommended -Monster training bonuses and costs (still Work in Progress)
Relics 4.14 (LuhCaran, Hollmanovec, RedsMeName)
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This Google Sheet is inventoring all the Relics Stats (4.8.4). Name of Relics,Base Effect,Advance Effect,Exclusive Effect,Effective Exclusive Effect,Resonance Effect
Jewels Stats (LuhCaran on 4.14)
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This Google Sheet will be inventoring all the Jewel Stats (4.8.4), you can help us collecting the stats by asking LuhCaran#9802 on discord Name,Kunzite,Ruby,Tourmaline,Emerald,Lapis,Calaite,Amber,Topaz,Amethyst
Archero Skin 4.10
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In here you will find all the Outfit / Skin / Coupon / Type / Bonus / Unit / Value that are in the game right now
QuickRaid 4.14 (LuhCaran, Pelmens, tkn)
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Please don't change the formula, if you did it by accident just @ me on discord (LuhCaran#9802) Mode,Heroic Mode N° de Chapitre / Chapter LVL,35
Item Description (mythic+)
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Item Description for mythic and plus rarity (Source: Cheaters)
Archero Damage Calculator (u/raytheblue)
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Damage Calculator by u/raytheblue - Version 4.8.2 updated 17 January 2023 (RELIC WORK IN PROGRESS) Instructions Make a copy of this to input your own data. File → Make a copy <- Key in data here < - White cells are calculated by formula <- Take note of these rows when checking ...
Archero Dragon Statues Abilities
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This chart shows all the abilities of each dragon Magestone,MP cost,Stats (epic rarity start up number),Ancient Legendary stats,Epic skills ,Perfect Epic,Legendary,Mythic Glacion,A,Ice,Defense,Mid,Rear Dmg Resit 300(+6)/Max HP 1500(+32),Healing effect of hearts +20%,Icy Breath ...
Archero - Dragon Statues
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How to use Select Dragon name, rarity and level using coloured cells below Figures pull through Data tab - please let me know if there are any errors (4-13-20 on discord) Note: If table shows all zeroes, I don't have any data for this dragon at this rarity - you can help by sending me a s...
Archero Glyphs (pelmens#9812)
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Rare,Epic,Epic+1,Epic+2,PE,PE+1,PE+2,PE+3,L,L+1,L+2,L+3,AL S,All glyphs,Attack,-,200,310,400,490,580,670,970 Strike - Rip and Tear,Upon 8 consecutive hits, inflict bleed for x seconds,-,3s,4s Movement - Crit,After moving, crit chance increased,-,5%,6%,7% Slaughter - Assault,Upon killing 1...
Runes Effect (Chaos)
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Power,Saviour,Recovery (Level 40),Courage (Level 60),Luck (Level 80) Slot 1,Atk +X,Max HP +X,Healing effect of red heart +X,Atk +X,Max HP +X Slot 2,Crit damage + %,Projectile resistance +X,Diagonal arrows chance increased + %,Atreus base HP +X,All sword skills damage +X Damage to ...
Archero Evolution (LanderZ)
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Archero Compilation Document -Put together and compiled by LanderZ -Assistance in gathering this data comes from dozens of amazing sources, including Kang Greenstrider, Abstrusity, Player99 and far, far too many to list all of them. Without your help, this would not be possi...