Hero Assist Guide

Hero Assist Guide

Updated on 01/17/2024

Guide to help you guys understand the brand new Hero Assist system that has been added in the 4.14 update.

For more explication take a look at the Comment Section of this reddit post

Hero Assist Guide

  • Hero Assist System unlocked at chapter 17 normal mode (finished), account level 50 and have at least 2 heroes

  • Each hero has a different list of support heroes, each list is composed of 8+ heroes (not all heroes can be used in Assist)

  • All heroes have 3 hero support slots (to unlock them, your main hero must be a certain level):

    First slot: Unlocked at level 50

    Second slot: Unlocked at level 70

    Third slot: Unlocked at level 90

  • To unlock an available support hero they must be at least 2* and level 50

  • Support heroes can be summoned every x seconds once they've reached Bravery level 80

  • There is no connection between the support hero and your main hero, i.e. stars/buffs and skill passive do not affect your main hero

  • The only support hero buffs that will affect your main hero are [All Hero] buffs

  • The support buffs will only be active when you equip a support hero

  • Support heroes can be equipped and unequipped at anytime

Bravery level stats see the list on the hero you want here

  • [Assist Effect] : Active after equipping a hero, applied to all heroes
  • [Passive Buffs] : Active only when using the hero (as main or assist), applied to the hero
  • [All Heroes] : Applied to all heroes, even if not equipped


  • Emblems are required to advance Courage/Bravery levels.
  • Every 10th level, hero shards (20-40-80-120-160-200-300-300-400-600) and Trialstones (10-20-50-100-160-200-300-450-600-800) will be required for the next level
  • Emblems can be obtained from Up-Close Dangers event/Celestite chests.
  • Trialstone types: Everlife (🟢), Immortal (🔵), Eternal (🟣)
  • Can be obtained from: Soulstone shop/Celestite chests

The Trialstone type is different for Gem and Paid heroes.

e.g For the 10th upgrade, a Gem hero will need 20 Everlife stones, while a Paid hero needs 20 Immortal/Eternal stones