Dragon Guide & Tips

Dragon Guide & Tips

Updated on 01/17/2024

Guide by @drunkie on Discord

"I would give you a specific build but there are many good dragons I don't even know if there's a superior build anymore. I'm going to give you a rundown on the most popular dragons and you can come up with a setup that you like."

Google Sheet : Dragon Stats + Ability

  • Viridax :

    Ability is meh because golems blocks your attacks but also enemies's, golems deal quite good damage to enemies. Viridax passives are great, HP boost isn't bad and If you reach 50% global elemental resist then go with viridax otherwise go for magmar.

  • Jadeon :

    Essentially a farming dragon but it needs to be Legendary. Drops gold every time the skill ends if you level his Legendary ability enough.

  • Starrite :

    Stats stick, abilities suck, I'd only use it if you really have no better option.

  • Voideon :

    Good ability, good stats. Good dragon but it's not amazing unless you spend a lot and have lots of SS dragonites to invest on it.

  • Shadex :

    Stats are bad, but the Legendary ability makes you immune to collision damage and basically gives you 100% crit rate throughout the duration. Good but not until Legendary.

  • Stormra :

    While everyone likes it, I find it underwhelming. It follows enermies but does small ticks of damage over a good amount of time. Legendary ability gives you a shield that is pretty decent.

  • Necrogon :

    Good stats, bad ability (becomes pretty good when you upgrade his legendary skill to lvl5) . For it to be more than a stat stick, it has to be at Perfect Epic for the projectile damage reduction and damage to undead (making it one of the better dragons)

  • Magmar

    His skill does decent damage and his Perfect Epic passive lets you gain a lot of MP (Mana Points (blue hearts for dragon skill use)) from damage taken.

  • Ferron :

    Good stats, bad ability. At Perfect Epic you also get a good amount of Crit Damage from it.

  • Infernox :

    Very good ability, bursts bosses super fast and is easily upgradable because it drops so much from chests.

  • Geogon :

    The shield is great and also gives you a few buffs if you level up the abilities.

Dragons I didn't mention = not worth mentioning

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