Dragon Guide & Tips

Dragon Guide & Tips

Updated on 08/27/2023

Guide by @drunkie on Discord

"I would give you a specific build but there are many good dragons I don't even know if there's a superior build anymore. I'm going to give you a rundown on the most popular dragons and you can come up with a setup that you like."

Google Sheet : Dragon Stats + Ability

  • Jadeon :

    Essentially a farming dragon but it needs to be Legendary. Drops gold every time the skill ends if you level his Legendary ability enough.

  • Starrite :

    Stats stick, abilities suck, I'd only use it if you really have no better option.

  • Voideon :

    Good ability, good stats. Good dragon but it's not amazing unless you spend a lot and have lots of SS dragonites to invest on it.

  • Shadex :

    Stats are bad, but the Legendary ability makes you immune to collision damage and basically gives you 100% crit rate throughout the duration. Good but not until Legendary.

  • Stormra :

    While everyone likes it, I find it underwhelming. It follows enermies but does small ticks of damage over a good amount of time. Legendary ability gives you a shield that is pretty decent.

  • Necrogon :

    Good stats, bad ability (becomes pretty good when you upgrade his legendary skill to lvl5) . For it to be more than a stat stick, it has to be at Perfect Epic for the projectile damage reduction and damage to undead (making it one of the better dragons)

  • Magmar

    His skill does decent damage and his Perfect Epic passive lets you gain a lot of MP (Mana Points (blue hearts for dragon skill use)) from damage taken.

  • Ferron :

    Good stats, bad ability. At Perfect Epic you also get a good amount of Crit Damage from it.

  • Infernox :

    Very good ability, bursts bosses super fast and is easily upgradable because it drops so much from chests.

  • Geogon :

    The shield is great and also gives you a few buffs if you level up the abilities.

Dragons I didn't mention = not worth mentioning

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